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Hi. Welcome to my digital presence—my virtual self. My name is Daniel. I am a computer scientist, design engineer, and artist from Munich, trying to balance science, technology, and art.

I work as a researcher and doctoral candidate at the Technical University of Munich, where I conduct my research and focus on teaching—an opportunity I greatly appreciate. At the moment, I am concentrating on the studies for my doctoral thesis—a study about virtual worlds and complex systems.

As a scientist, I discover new knowledge, and as a designer and engineer, I apply this knowledge to create solutions. As an artist, I have space to express myself, allowing me to embrace the synergy between science and art. In this context, I am deeply involved with games and concepts of their development.

On this page I am able to combine all of these perspectives, all of the things that define who I am. So, this is me, here I am—welcome to my digital self.

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That's the short version. If you have already found everything you were looking for, check out my projects on science, design, technology, games, and art. In my academic profile you can find an overview of my teaching and research activities. If that wasn't enough for you, if you want to learn more about me, lucky you, there is also a long version. So, get yourself a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable, and just read on.

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Many Things

I am many things. I decided to reflect this in my virtual presence: my web page is not only about games, not only about art, not only about science. It is about my journey and the things I create and think about. My web page is about the knowledge I have discovered, the projects I have created, and the solutions I want to share.

But before we get to that, let's start at the beginning.

The Dreamer

I could tell you about all the adventures I have lived: from jumping out of a flying plane, to wandering through Germany from south to north; or risking my future on the streets to stand up against racism and hate. But it would not do justice to the truth to tell only these stories. Do not get me wrong, all these stories have become a part of me. But most of my time I am not these stories; most of the time I am just a dreamer sitting there, dreaming of the world as it could be.

I think this is enough—being able to dream is a good thing to start with. Before you can create something meaningful, you have to imagine it.

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The Researcher & Scientist

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an architect; a thought that still excites me today. Who knows, maybe I will be an architect someday. Back then—after graduating from school—I wanted to take some time off before starting my studies. But everything turned out differently, as it always does: A course at the university about game engineering caught my interest and I went to take a look. And—well—I stayed. The rest is history: I did my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Informatics: Games Engineering.

After I finished my master's degree, I started my doctoral studies. Since 2019, I am a researcher and doctoral candidate at the Department of Informatics at the Technical University of Munich. I am a member of the research group Augmented Reality, researching in the domain of humans and machines. For that matter, very similar to my childhood dream: thinking about people and the world around them.

In recent years, I have shifted my research focus to the design engineering process of virtual worlds. An area that shares a lot in common with real-world architecture. So after some surprising twists and turns, it seems like I am back on the path I dreamed of as a child.

The Teacher

In 2014, I started to teach fellow students at the university. An activity I have been pursuing ever since. In 2020, I turned my professional focus to teaching. I work with students of all majors, with many of my subjects and topics focusing on informatics and game engineering. As part of my teaching, I am involved in many lectures and courses: I lead the exercises for the lectures Interaction Methods and Devices and 3D User Interfaces; I teach the courses Introduction to Audio for Games and Level Engineering; and I am involved in the seminar Game Analysis and practical courses for the master's programs.

Besides teaching in lecture and course formats, I advise many scientific theses and research projects. In recent years, I advised more than 80 bachelor's and master's theses and over 15 seminar papers and guided research programs. You can find a detailed list in my academic profile.

Many of the courses I am involved in were awarded the Teaching Award for excellence in teaching at our faculty. Interaction Methods and Devices was awarded as the best compulsory lecture and Audio for Games was awarded as the best elective. I am very pleased that the hard work we put into our teaching is being recognized by our students.

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The Designer & Engineer

As a scientist, I create knowledge. But sometimes, knowledge in itself is not enough. Sometimes we have to apply this knowledge in the real world. We have to find solutions. This is the moment when we have to see the world as designers and engineers.

I have always enjoyed thinking about problems and solving them. Especially in the context of humans. What would be the point of creating if there were no people to experience it. Creating new technologies that help us to improve our lives means something to me. The pure act of creation sparks excitement.

For me, this means design engineering embodies everything that fascinates me. And as so often, from fascination comes obsession.
In other words: maybe being a designer and engineer is just an obvious consequence of being fascinated by humans and machines, and everything in between.

The Artist

What is the meaning of life? I don't know. Maybe there is none. Maybe there is. Maybe it doesn't matter. While we search for an answer, we can give things meaning. I think this is art for me: meaning.

Being a scientist taught me to think critically about everything, including myself. At some point in my life, I realized that I am not sure who I am. So I began to ask questions. To find answers, it seems like: art is not optional.

Since 2021, I have a small atelier located at the Leopoldstraße in Munich, which I share with a friend. A place I can retreat to when I need time for art, concentrate on my work, or simply have to clear my mind. Art helps me find myself and complete things.

Whenever possible I try to incorporate the art I create into my other projects like websites, games, or teaching. It helps me to add a personal touch; to make projects feel like a part of me. Art gives me the space to express myself, allowing me to embrace the synergy between science and art in my doing.

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The Game Developer

I love games. I like playing games, and I like developing them. (Maybe I even enjoy developing a bit more than playing.) Games are fascinating. Everything about games sparks enjoyment, and the best part is that I can use them as context for all the topics I am curious about. When it comes to games, everything connects: Some of my projects are about design and technology. Others are about science. And from time to time, I think of them as some kind of art.

Being Free

I am convinced that free knowledge is the key to the sustainable progress of humankind. So that we do not just find knowledge and solutions, but we can actually use our advances as one society. I always strive to reflect this in my role as a researcher, designer, and engineer. I try to put freedom above restrictive interests wherever possible. This is why I have dedicated myself to open source and free software. In fact, being able to share my projects with the public was the original reason for creating this online presence.

So, this is me. Welcome to my virtual presence. Welcome to my digital self.

To be honest, I did not expect many to read this far. I guess I kind of wrote this for myself. But you are still here. That means a lot to me. Thank you for your interest.

— About Me