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Master Thesis

  • "Large-Scale Functional Game Space Simulation: an Agent-Based Approach Using Data-Oriented Design" by Linus Biermann, wip
  • "Automatic Detection of Macro Gameplay in Formal Gamespaces for eSports Broadcasts" by Lars Eble, wip
  • "PaceMaker: Development of a Practical Tool for Pacing Video Games" by Julian Geheeb, wip
  • "Development of an Unified Symbolic AI Tool for Unity" by Felix Kosian, wip
  • "Developing a Unified Wayfinding Support Framework for 3D Games" by Albert Zach, wip
  • "Storytelling as a Spatial Concept: Developing a Spatial Interface for Storytelling in Digital Games" by Levente Balázs, wip
  • "Methods and Tools for Gamespace Engineering: Developing a Web-Based Application to Assist the Planning Process of Gamespaces" by Viola Stumpf, 2023
  • "Discussion as a Game: Using Games and Computer-Assisted Moderation to Promote Education About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" by Viktoria Kirchleitner, 2023
  • "Level Design: Developing a Blockout Editor for Games Using Virtual Reality" by Paul Pillau, 2023
  • "Throwing, Catching, Juggling: Complex Physics-Based Interaction with Objects in Virtual Reality" by Lukas Bonauer, 2023
  • "Documentation in Game Development: Exploring and Formulating Strategies for Effective Decision-Making Management" by Georg Eickelpasch, 2023
  • "A Practical Approach to Documents in Game Development" by Alexandru Balotescu, 2023
  • "Developing Extended Reality Real-Time Collaboration Methods for Spatial Design Processes" by Felix Neumeyer, 2023
  • "Developing a Reactive Character Controller for 3D Action-Adventure Games" by Julius Krüger, 2023
  • "Creating Interaction Methods for Visual State Diagram Editors" by Sahin Er, 2022
  • "3D User Interfaces for Virtual World Engineering using Virtual Reality" by Marian Ludwig, 2022
  • "Game Balancing: Fair Experiences in Competitive Multiplayer Video Games" by Van Minh Pham, 2022
  • "Visual Debugging in Reactive Programming for Games" by Katharina Sadzik, 2022
  • "Engineering a State Diagram Editor for Optimal Developer Experience" by Ariola Lami, 2022
  • "Remote Assistance Tools for Virtual Experiences" by Maximilian Hotter, 2021
  • "Information Flow in Distributed Multi-Agent Systems as a Game Mechanic for Immersive Story Worlds" by Jakob Raith, 2021
  • "Communication and Interaction Methods for Virtual Courses" by Maximilian Mayer, 2021
  • "Easy to Learn, Hard to Master: Tutorials for Challenging Games" by Leopold Traub, 2021
  • "Smart Game Worlds: Application of Hierarchical Graphs Generated from Scene Structures" by Jean-Luc Etgen, 2021
  • "Artificial Intelligence Assisted Content Generation for Games based on Hierarchical Graphs" by Winfried Baumann, 2021
  • "Aesthetic Graph Drawing of Complex State Diagrams" by Cedric Fromm, 2021
  • "Development of an Emotion Engine for Games" by Ibrahim Asif Mirza, 2021

Bachelor Thesis

  • "Anchors and Boundaries: Developing a Game Engine System for Hierarchical Spatial Partitioning of Gamespaces" by Kerstin Pfaffinger, wip
  • "Developing a Reactive Player Controller in the Godot Game Engine: A Teaching Approach" by Nicolas Ulrich, wip
  • "Beyond the Threshold: Theory and Practice of Doors in Digital Game Worlds" by Ivan Rozhdestvenskii, wip
  • "Modern Development Approaches for Metroidvania Games" by Sebastian Geheeb, wip
  • "Managing Choice: Guiding Players Through Open-World Games" by Sascha Benke, wip
  • "Learning as a Game: Enhancing the Learning Experience of Students by Integrating Game-Typical Elements into Undergraduate Courses" by Anonymous, 2023
  • "Enhancing Learning with Game Design: Developing Teaching Tools for University Courses Featuring Game-Typical Elements" by Lisa Keil, 2023
  • "Methods and Tools for Diversity in Game Development" by Valentin Liebl, 2023
  • "Reactive Programming Patterns for Games" by Quentin Stickler, 2023
  • "Lösbarkeitsgraphen in der Spieleentwicklung: Entwicklung eines Tools für automatisierte Dungeon-Tests" by Yana Serpik, 2023
  • "Creating Dynamic Game Spaces for Location-Based Games Based on Player Individuality" by Anonymous, 2023
  • "A Functional Gamespace Model: Hierarchical Graphs and Spatial Partitioning Based on the Integrity of Space" by Anonymous, 2023
  • "Games Engineering: A Formal Approach to Game Spaces" by Claudio Belloni, 2023
  • "Procedural Content Generation for Dungeons with Focus on Replayability" by Flo Hauser, 2023
  • "Maps in Video Games: Principles and Practice of Map-Based Wayfinding Support Techniques" by Tobias Heller, 2023
  • "Diversity in Games: Methods and Tools for Inclusive Game Development" by Martin Schacherbauer, 2023
  • "Developing a Boss Battle Framework for the Unity Game Engine" by Mike Molnár, 2023
  • "Artificial Intelligence Assisted Content Generation for Level Design Processes" by Lukas Pichler, 2022
  • "Optimization of Application Funnels with Game-Typical Elements" by Philipp Altrogge, 2022
  • "State Machines in Game Development: A Serious Game about Theory and Application" by Philipp Müller, 2022
  • "Creating Engaging Game Spaces for Location-Based Games Using Procedural Content Generation and Real-World Models" by Alexander Keussen, 2022
  • "Boss Board: A Tabletop Modeling Approach to Boss Engineering" by Jacob Lütje, 2022
  • "Level Design Patterns for Competitive Multiplayer First-Person Shooters" by Anonymous, 2022
  • "Towards an Adaptive Framework: Pacing in Nonlinear Game Spaces" by Mahdis Sabzevarzadeh, 2022
  • "Agent-Based Modelling as Level Design Method for Fair Gamespaces" by Marvin Neske, 2022
  • "Developing a Virtual Reality Terrain Editor for the Godot Game Engine" by Damian Schneider, 2022
  • "Unified Camera Controls: Developing a Camera System for 3D Computer Games" by Christoph Ertsy, 2022
  • "Developing a Wayfinding Support Framework for Virtual Spaces" by Joshua Weggartner, 2022
  • "Development of a Boss Design Tool in the Unity Game Engine" by Nikita Mukha, 2022
  • "From Assets to Game Worlds: Pipeline Engineering for Level Design" by Paul Simon Hemming, 2022
  • "Adaptive Quest Systems for Role-Playing Games" by Manuela Poschenrieder, 2022
  • "Design Engineering of Metroidvania Games: Principles and Patterns" by Kim Simon, 2022
  • "Procedural Dungeon Generation for Games Based on Hierarchical Graphs" by Lorenzen Meneses, 2022
  • "Developing a Modular Agent Controller for 3D Games using Reactive Programming" by Maximilian Pfaff, 2022
  • "Dynamic Pacing and Adaptive Challenges in Video Games" by Leonhard Chen, 2022
  • "The Language of Bosses: A Formal Framework for Game Engineering" by Pascal Neubert, 2022
  • "Gameplay Based Anti-Cheat Measures" by Caroline Rendenbach, 2022
  • "Development of a Data-Oriented Gameplay Foundation System to Execute State Diagrams" by Daniel Garcia Laderas, 2022
  • "Inclusion and Diversity in Game Development: Principles for Unbiased Design Decisions" by Lorena K. Vitale, 2022
  • "Inclusion and Diversity in Game Engineering: An Ethical Framework for Game Development Processes" by Diana Hellmann, 2022
  • "Agent-Based Modelling as Game Design Method for Combat Balancing" by Margarita Kukhtevich, 2022
  • "Game Engineering Principles: Fair Gamespaces for Competitive Multiplayer Games" by Felix Bartossek, 2022
  • "Boss Engineering: Methods and Tools for Game Development" by Clemens Fromm, 2021
  • "Motion Planning using Hierarchical Graphs and Localized Tessellation of Two-Dimensional Space" by Simon Pirsch, 2021
  • "Cinematography and Aesthetic Camera Control for Video Games" by Saman Miran, 2021
  • "Interactive Visualization of Complex State Diagrams for Optimal Developer Experience" by Moritz Will, 2021
  • "Design Principles Based on Game Elements to Support Wellbeing Demonstrated by a House Plant Care App" by Kseniia Chernikova, 2021
  • "Procedural Generation of 2D Level Structures Based on Hierarchical Graphs:" by Markus Gumbart, 2021
  • "Adaptive Difficulty in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games to Create Optimal Experience" by Lukas Liu, 2021
  • "Game Design Principles for Multiplicative Gameplay" by Katharina Seitz, 2021
  • "Immersive Voice Interaction for Real-Time Tactics Games" by Felix Stieglbauer, 2021
  • "Dynamic Storytelling Based on Complex Graphs" by Dominik Huber, 2021
  • "Interactive 3D-Applications as Progressive Web Apps" by Valérie Redl, 2021
  • "Immersive Wayfinding for 3D Games" by Qiyuan Zhu, 2021
  • "Development of a High-Performance Engine to Execute Statecharts for Games" by Matthias Ellerbeck, 2021
  • "Development of an Augmented Reality Application for the Stratey Board Game Go" by Tran Minh Nguyen Duc, 2021
  • "Testability of Probabilistic State Diagrams" by Maximilian Vollath, 2020
  • "High Performance Programming: Development of a Gameplay Foundation System Component Based on Complex State Machines" by Julian Geheeb, 2020
  • "Dynamic Detection of Player Types and Adaptation of Player Components for Optimal User Experience" by Viktoria Kirchleitner, 2020
  • "Enhancing Inclusion and Innovation in Games Engineering" by Chrysa Bika, 2020
  • "Interactive Simulation and Visualization of Molecular Structure Dynamics in Virtual Reality" by Philip Neugebauer, 2020
  • "Information Flow in Distributed Multi-Agent Systems" by Lars Eble, 2020
  • "Application of Spatial Information Derived from 3D Scene Structures in Games" by Matthias Hainz, 2020
  • "Adaptive Difficulty in Video Games to Foster Optimal Experience" by Georg Eickelpasch, 2020
  • "Interactive Storytelling and Emotions" by Julius Krüger, 2020
  • "Gamification of Common Workflows in Editor User Interfaces" by Akbar Suriaganda, 2020
  • "Game Design Principles for Story-Based Action Role-Playing Games Played without the Sense of Sight" by Felix Borst, 2020
  • "Gameplay Analysis of Competitive Games to Support the Game Design Process" by Luca Türk, 2020
  • "Simulating 2D Game Physics using dynamic Navigationgraphs" by Lars Hinnerk Grevsmühl, 2020
  • "Analysis of Level Design Graphs" by Marcel Zurawka, 2020
  • "Acoustic Wayfinding Support in Real Environments without the Sense of Sight" by Mehment Dereli, 2020
  • "Acoustic User Interfaces for Improving Situational Awareness" by Monika Srdic, 2020
  • "Complex Interaction Mechanisms for Spectator Integration in Games" by Viola Stumpf, 2019
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Guided Research

  • "Virtual Teaching: Challenges and Opportunities" by Jeremias Bohn, 2021
  • "Aesthetic Graph Drawing of Hierarchical State Diagrams" by Maximilian Hotter, 2020

Seminar Paper

  • "Creating Fairer Games In Counter-Strike Through Level Design Patterns" by Nicolas Teofilovic, 2022
  • "The Layers of Accessibilty in Games" by Nathalie Maria Galla, 2022
  • "Character Customization in MMORPGs: Exploring Player Motivations in Final Fantasy XIV" by Manuela Poschenrieder, 2022
  • "Graph-based Visualization and Pattern Finding: Raids in World of Warcraft" by Laura Marsoner, 2022
  • "Being Yourself: Women in Video Games" by Lorena K. Vitale, 2021
  • "Graph-based Analysis of 'Among Us'" by Pascal Neubert, 2021
  • "Modding and Scripting as ”Serious Game Mechanic” - Analyzing the Script Editor of X3:Terran Conflict" by Philipp Mueller, 2021
  • "Analysis of the map from League of Legends" by Franz Kleber, 2021
  • "Graph-based Analysis of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: Backtracking and Dungeon Design" by Julian Geheeb, 2020
  • "Analysis and Classification of Walking Simulator" by Maximiliane Münch, 2020
  • "What makes a good Antagonist?" by André Wörle, 2020

Master Lab Course

In connection with my Master Lab Course, I have had the privilege of advising numerous outstanding student projects. In recent years, this collaboration has resulted in the creation of over 12 exceptional projects. Below you will find some impressions.

  • "Daruma" with Julian Geheeb, Dominik Huber and Anonymous. 2023
  • "Infiltrate the Castle" with Jan Eberle, Felix Kosian, Felix Stieglbauer, Nikola Tomic. 2022
  • "Shattered World" with Marian Ludwig, Moritz Naser, Jakob Raith, Akbar Suriaganda. 2020


There are always countless great games projects being developed in my courses. I don't have a list at the moment, but maybe I'll find the time to collect them soon.

— Student Projects