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Guess the Distance

"Guess the Distance" is a small game for mobile platforms that supports location services. The project is developed with Unity and was created for use in lectures at the university to teach the principles of location-based services and spherical coordinate systems.

Guess the Distance: In the game, you have to guess the distance from your current location to a city on the globe. Enter your answer in the input field and click "Guess". You score if your answer is no more than 10% off. How many cities in the world do you know? More importantly, do you know where they are, and can you guess the distance correctly?

The project is free and open source: You can find the source code and further details in the project repository on GitHub. If you are interested in updates, get in touch and support the project.

The credit for "The Milky Way panorama" goes to the European Southern Observatory / Serge Brunier (ESO/S. Brunier). The credit for the "Blue Marble" images goes to Visible Earth and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

You can use the Milky Way Skybox in your own Unity projects.

Poster for media Guess the Distance.