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Mapper's Peak

Mapper's Peak is a sci-fi Unity game project that was developed for use in university lectures and as a playground for open source projects. Mapper's Peak is not really a game but rather an experimental environment for game development.

Motivation: I wanted to create a project that I can use as a playground for other open source projects. I wanted this playground to be free, and to contain all the aspects that are normally found in games, including character controllers, 3D assets, shaders, particle effects, terrain and so on. This was quite the challenge, because for the project itself, this means using only free assets and code so that in the end the entire project can be completely free.

I often use this project as a kind of game framework for different projects and assets I am working on. And I wanted to share it with you, so you can use it too.

Features: The project currently features one environment and all included assets. The environment was designed for an axis-aligned top-down camera as a demo environment to test and showcase features of a player controller and mechanics. It was initially developed for the course Introduction to Audio for Games to use it as context for some programming exercises. I still want to improve the project, there are still many features missing.

The project is free and open source: Feel free to use the project or individual assets in your own projects. You can find the source code and further details about the individual licenses in the project repository on GitHub. If you are interested in updates, get in touch and support the project.

Poster for media Mapper's Peak.