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Retrospective on Teaching Game Analysis for Games Engineering Students

Paper: Rudolph, L., Dyrda, D., Plecher, D. A., and Klinker, G. (2022). Retrospective on Teaching Game Analysis for Games Engineering Students. Game Analysis Perspectives Conference (pp. 25-34).

Abstract: Approaches for analyzing Games are studied in Games Studies for more than two decades now. Moreover, Game Analysis promises to offer a methodological possibility for computer science and game engineering and might become an important building block for our qualitative toolkit in human-centered computer science. However, the approach is still under-represented in fields of game-related computer science. As a first indicator of which research interests in games engineering could be approached with Game Analyses, this paper offers a retrospective of five sessions of a game analysis seminar with 94 seminar papers written by undergraduate students. It identifies retrospectively regions of interest and methodical tendencies. It shows anecdotally common pitfalls computer science students stumble upon and by describing the seminar structure, it gives an example, of how Game Analysis can be taught in a games engineering curriculum. This retrospective aims to open a dialogue between researchers from social studies and engineering fields and to add our perspectives to the discussion. This is our contribution toward defining a common ground for Game Analysis as an interdisciplinary method.

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