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Sleepy Storm

Sleepy Storm is a twin-stick top-down action game. You defeat bosses and boss waves in an arena-like environment, while trying not to be defeated yourself.

Gameplay: The game is about defeating bosses and boss waves in an arena-like environment while trying not to be defeated yourself. Movement is an essential part of gameplay. The key to success is to avoid damage zones while engaging in combat and defeating the enemies. To achieve the goal, you have access to a variety of offensive abilities, defensive skills such as a shield, and movement abilities, including dashes.

Streamer Interaction: This experience gets especially exciting when you share your gameplay with others via Twitch streams. The game offers a social component that lets your viewers become part of the game. They can either take on the role of your drone to support you or play against you by fighting on the side of your opponents. Through a web interface, viewers can control different skills. Some can be used individually by each spectator and others are influenced by all spectators together.

The project was developed in 2021 by Jana, Max, Jakob, and I for a practical course. Check out the project page for more details. I really like the game, and I have learned a lot during its development. I definitely want to write some kind of postmortem about the lessons learned in the near future.

Poster for media Sleepy Storm.