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Seminar: Game Analysis

As part of my teaching responsibilities, I am involved in the Game Analysis seminar. The goal of the Game Analysis seminar is to give students the ability to analyze characteristics of games both on an individual basis and in comparison with other games. Game analysis includes topics such as game genres, advances in game mechanics, the evolution of design engineering processes, and so on. As a rule, I try to focus on topics related to the development process of games and combine these topics with the principles of game analysis. Starting with hands-on game experiences, students continue background research on games and conclude with an in-depth analysis. During the semester, students create an analysis and give a presentation.

Over the past few years, I have mentored many students. Here you can find a list of papers from the previous years:

  • "Creating Fairer Games In Counter-Strike Through Level Design Patterns" by Nicolas Teofilovic, 2022
  • "The Layers of Accessibilty in Games" by Nathalie Maria Galla, 2022
  • "Character Customization in MMORPGs: Exploring Player Motivations in Final Fantasy XIV" by Manuela Poschenrieder, 2022
  • "Graph-based Visualization and Pattern Finding: Raids in World of Warcraft" by Laura Marsoner, 2022
  • "Being Yourself: Women in Video Games" by Lorena K. Vitale, 2021
  • "Graph-based Analysis of 'Among Us'" by Pascal Neubert, 2021
  • "Modding and Scripting as ”Serious Game Mechanic” - Analyzing the Script Editor of X3:Terran Conflict" by Philipp Mueller, 2021
  • "Analysis of the map from League of Legends" by Franz Kleber, 2021
  • "Graph-based Analysis of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: Backtracking and Dungeon Design" by Julian Geheeb, 2020
  • "Analysis and Classification of Walking Simulator" by Maximiliane Münch, 2020
  • "What makes a good Antagonist?" by André Wörle, 2020