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Ubi-Interact - Paper

Paper: Weber, S., Dyrda, D., Ludwig, M., and Klinker, G. (2020). Ubi-Interact. MobiQuitous 2020 - 17th EAI International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services (pp. 291-300).

Abstract: Ubi-Interact is a framework designed to facilitate interactive applications consisting of a variety of individual systems and devices that are distributed over a (local) network. It is designed to allow easy integration of devices and exchange of data based on extendable common data formats. It features edge computing capabilities, allowing to analyze and transform device data. The same computing modules can also be used to manage an arbitrary number of devices in an abstract fashion, allowing ad-hoc handling of (dis-)connecting devices and making devices with similar components/capabilities interchangeable while lowering the necessity to re-implement parts of the overall system behaviour.

Specification and implementation of these applications should be modular, extendable and re-usable so users can share and improve on the work of others. Performance, re-usability of once established capabilities and easy integration of devices are the main points of interest for developing this framework

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