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Master Lab Course

As part of my teaching, I supervise practical master lab courses. In these courses, a team of three or four students develops a game project that encompasses all relevant aspects of game development, from audio features to visual effects to gameplay systems. To make things even more exciting, we always set an interesting context to focus on for the project. This might be a particular technical challenge, such as working with specialized hardware, or an interesting design problem, such as focusing on sophisticated character controllers for 2D platformers. These topics are usually related to my other courses or research interests. For example, on one project we wanted to focus on gamespaces, level design, and the corresponding design engineering processes. On another project, we wanted to use photogrammetry assets, so we focused on the workflow around those types of assets. Anything that fits within the scope of the course is possible.

Here you will find a partial list featuring impressions of projects from previous years:

  • "Daruma" with Julian Geheeb, Dominik Huber and Anonymous. 2023
  • "Infiltrate the Castle" with Jan Eberle, Felix Kosian, Felix Stieglbauer, Nikola Tomic. 2022
  • "Shattered World" with Marian Ludwig, Moritz Naser, Jakob Raith, Akbar Suriaganda. 2020

If you are a games engineering student at TUM and you are interested in a practical master lab course, check out my Collaborate page and write to me about your idea.